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M File Anti-Copy is a system security tool for Windows
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M File Anti-Copy is a system security tool for Windows. It allows you to restrict different types of access to your files and folders. As its name suggests, M File Anti-Copy primarily allows you to restrict copy access to your files. When that feature is activated, you can copy files all you want, but you won't be able to paste them anywhere. From the main window of this app, you can also access other access restriction features, which include anti-delete and anti-run. For each of those features, you can restrict access to all your file and folders, just a folder or file, or in some cases a USB flash drive.

During my testing, I started with the anti-copy protection. As I mentioned above, I was able to copy files, but when I tried to paste them somewhere the "Paste" button was unavailable. The feature seemed to work, though. I was told that I had to log-off for changes to take effect, but that wasn't necessary. The other feature that I tried was the Anti-Run one, which I take it prevents applications from being launched. I added one of the apps that I had on my desktop and activated the feature, but I was still able to run it by double-clicking on the icon. Then I logged off, just to be sure, but I still had access to it.

I encountered quite a few minor nuisances with this app. The first one was the user interface. Those black backgrounds prevented me from seeing text (if there was any). In any case, it was confusing to see this color scheme most of the time. I also wasn't able to move the main window. There were some grammar mistakes here and there in the text, but nothing too important.

All in all, this app does seem to work (most of its features anyway). I am not sure how secure it is to try and prevent access to your files this way, so I am not going to issue a recommendation. As always, test before you buy.

José Fernández
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  • The anti-copy feature seemed to work


  • The interface could use some work
  • At least one feature didn't seem to work
  • Not sure about how secure this is
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